‘We have orders from the police,’ Oyo hotel staff say while denying reservation to J&K man; Delhi Police clarifies

Photo: Twitter

New Delhi: A video of a Jammu and Kashmir man has gone viral in which he was allegedly refused a reservation by a hotel in New Delhi. The incident reportedly took place at an Oyo hotel in Delhi.

The video shows the female front desk staff refusing the hotel reservation to the man claiming that the police told them not to accept IDs from people in J&K’s union territory.

However, as the man insisted on knowing the reason for the reservation denial, the staff woman called an elderly person for advice. She later told the man that “the police asked them not to accept J&K IDs.”

Meanwhile, Delhi Police have released a clarification on the incident. Tweeting on the matter, City Police said: “An alleged video is going viral on social media in which a person is denied a hotel reservation because of their J&K ID. The reason for the cancellation is given by the police. It is stated that no such direction has been given by the Delhi police.”

“The aggrieved person in the video while posting the same on YouTube said that he stayed in the same area at another hotel and that was a lame excuse given by the hotel. Some netizens are trying to discredit the Delhi Police image through deliberate misrepresentation of circulating video which may result in criminal charges,” Delhi Police added.

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