TikToker exposes hotel staff’s ‘shocking’ behavior on hidden camera

Posted: 2022-10-11T11:01:11

Updated: 2022-10-11T11:01:29

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing the alarming behavior of a hotel staff member in front of a hidden camera, warning viewers to “be careful” when traveling.

Content creator Arturo Brunello said he was vacationing in Cancún, Mexico when he filmed the hotel maintenance staff member.

He used iSentry, an app that turns a computer’s web camera into a motion-detecting security system, to keep tabs on his hotel room.

“Here you can see the housekeeping staff helping themselves to a beer from our fridge,” Arturo said, as the employee was seen drinking beer from the mini-fridge which would be charged at the customer’s expense.

At one point the staff member opened the room safe and looked inside.

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“Why are you rummaging through our drawers? asked the TikToker, as the employee snooped through layers of clothing.

“My bags? added his voiceover. The hotel staff member was seen opening Arturo’s backpack and rummaging through it.

“Be careful when traveling,” he warned viewers. “It was my first time installing a camera…it’s alarming to me.”

TikTok users shocked by behavior of hotel staff

Arturo’s video has gone viral with over 3.2 million views, with TikTok users mortified by the hotel worker’s behavior.

“The exact reason I don’t allow housekeepers in the room while I’m staying,” one user wrote.

“What the heck!!!! That’s why I always bring the bare minimum, no jewelry and anything expensive is in my purse with me,” another shared. “I’m shocked. This is literally my biggest fear when staying in hotels overseas,” added a third.

“That’s why I always put up the do not disturb sign. I clean up after myself,” someone else commented.

One user was curious about the compensation, to which Arturo replied, “Refund and preferential treatment.”

Arturo also revealed that the employee didn’t steal anything other than the beer. He reported the incident to hotel management, who “took care of him very well” and immediately fired the member of staff.

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