The Star donates textile waste for innovative recycling program


Old staff uniforms, sheets, towels and other textiles will be donated by The Star Entertainment Group to a new textile recovery operation launched in Queensland next year with the aim of reducing the amount of material going to landfill.

The company has announced its support for a new clean tech company known as BlockTexx, which will launch what it says is Australia’s first textile recycling facility next year, which will be located in the suburbs of Australia. Queensland to Logan, south of Brisbane.

The facility was developed to handle an alarming level of textile waste that is going to landfill across Australia. Australia generated 74.1 million tonnes of textile waste in 2018-19, with a recovery and recycling rate of 60%, according to Blue Environment’s National Waste Report 2020, prepared for the Australian Department of ‘Agriculture, Water and Environment.

Australia generated nearly 75 million tonnes of textile waste in 2018-19, of which only 60% is actually recycled.

After a successful trial last year, The Star will deliver the first three tons of material to Blocktexx, with the potential to increase as operations shrink and expand. Donated materials will be reused through a five-step process that enables the creation of new resources for other sectors including manufacturing, building and construction, agriculture, infrastructure and flexible fabrics.

Materials from Star properties in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney will be among the first to go through the process.

Star Entertainment Group Managing Director and CEO Matt Bekier.

Star Entertainment Group CEO Matt Bekier said the company is keen to play a leadership role in how the hospitality industry handles textile waste and to help pioneer and drive change. in the area.

“With sustainability firmly at the forefront of our operations, it was important for The Star to ensure that unwanted and obsolete materials did not end up in landfills,” said Bekier.

“As such, we have partnered with BlockTexx, which will help recycle and reuse them in a variety of new products.”

Commercial operations of the new recycling center will begin in 2022, providing new jobs for local residents and pumping A $ 43 million annually into the economy when at full capacity.

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