The BMIHMS Virtual Training Hotel

BMIHMS Launches VR Hotel for Industry Soft Skills Training

The revolutionary Virtual Training Hotel platform used to teach soft skills to BMIHMS undergraduate level students is now offered to industry for the very first time.

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University Australia has been at the forefront of innovation in hotel management education for decades – that’s one of the reasons it is the premier management school hotel industry in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Earlier this year, BMIHMS launched a new state-of-the-art virtual VR and XR training hotel, providing an essential platform for undergraduate-level hotel management students to develop their soft skills before entering the workforce.

Venture into virtual learning spaces

At this year’s AHICE conference in Adelaide, BMIHMS showcased this immersive experience in action, cementing its position as an industry university.

This innovative learning tool provides a simulated environment for industry operators to onboard new employees in a purpose-built framework. Users perform tasks while walking around the virtual hotel space; serving digital customers, inspecting rooms and making key decisions for each department; just as they would in a regular hotel management role.

Users can test their learning multiple times in varied or repeated scenarios, practicing critical thinking, empathy, and judgment without any pressure or risk.

Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training for the Hospitality Industry

Soft skills, such as leadership, listening and communication, are in huge demand throughout the hospitality industry. Despite this, operators have few options for training staff in soft skills outside of on-the-job learning.

The BMIHMS Virtual Training Hotel fills this gap by providing:

  • An innovative and effective tool to teach soft skills to employees in a secure digital space.
  • An on-demand training program that can be used anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Intelligent scenario-based learning proved to be more effective than traditional on-the-job training.

VR soft skills training programs are increasingly adopted by companies around the world, including among hotel brands, such as hilton and best westernbecause they are effective.

The BMIHMS Virtual Training Hotel is ideal for onboarding, recruitment, staff retention programs and general soft skills training.

With the help and guidance of BMIHMS advisors, hotels can now take advantage of this revolutionary learning tool to upskill future employees or enhance existing training programs.

Please contact our industry consultants if you would like to learn more:

Gareth Mayo ([email protected])

Vanessa Falzon (vanessa.fa[email protected])

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