TFE unveils a premium customer experience in the A by Adina campaign

TFE Hotels has released its new marketing campaign to support the leadership of the A by Adina brand.

Designed by We Are Unity, the ‘And…breathe’ campaign was shot in the sky lobby of A by Adina Sydney and aims to encapsulate the experience of a hotel stay.

“This premium apartment brand marks the evolution of our much-loved Adina Master brand,” said Katia Giurtalis, Chief Marketing Officer of TFE Hotels.

“Our customers are looking for experiences, not just transactional stays, and we wanted to convey the emotions – the feeling of lightness and escape when you leave the busy world behind and arrive at an A by Adina, rather than showcasing the product himself.”

The A by Adina brand was developed by We Are Unity in conjunction with senior executives from TFE Hotels, who saw an opportunity to define a new market category of “Hotel Living” for the premium brand.

“Traditionally, apartment hotels have been built with a residential feel, but that’s changing,” said TFE Hotels CEO Antony Ritch.

“What was missing was the ‘underlying experience’ for those looking for an upscale stay – that feeling you get when you stay somewhere where people know you and, more importantly, know how you like This is hotel life and what you can expect when staying at an A by Adina property in Sydney or Canberra.

The brand’s campaign includes 15- and 30-second edits of the film which will be shown on TV, social media and print, as well as Qantas Inflight entertainment, Westfield’s premium floors and TFE Hotels channels.

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