Squad face ‘real challenge’ in hotel booking as Dubai Expo clashes with league

With the IPL 2021 second leg scheduled to be played from September to October in the United Arab Emirates, various franchises have faced a “real challenge” in shifting logistics, especially to book hotels in the Gulf nation. The IPL 2021 second leg schedule clashes with the Dubai Expo which will start from October 1. Notably, Expo Dubai is a six-month event and people from all over the world will arrive in the UAE to witness the event which makes it more difficult for franchises to create a safe bio-bubble zone for players. .

BCCI has not yet allowed IPL franchises to travel to the UAE

According to the ANI report, the BCCI has not yet given permission to IPL franchises who have expressed their wish to travel to the UAE in order to finalize the agreement with the hotels and plan their logistics.

“We haven’t gotten the green light from BCCI yet and that’s understandable given the COVID-19 situation. What we understand is that we will get clarification from the board on the plan. coming around July 15. After that, we may be free to travel. But given the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, we may consider video calls to complete reservations. We must keep in mind. Mind Expo Dubai and how it might make it difficult to get rooms in bulk with each passing day,” the official said, as reported by ANI.

Another manager explained that getting rooms with an eye on bio-bubble protocols could be a big challenge for teams. “We have Dubai Expo starting October 1. Getting hotel rooms that are isolated from the rest of the guests staying in a hotel can be a real challenge. It’s not the same as last time as the tourists coming to the UAE last time were minimal compared to what is expected for the Expo The sooner we can close the deal the better because once we lock the rooms we have to play the game bubble which must be infallible,” the official said.

Another manager from another team added that the price of hotel rooms had skyrocketed and it could be difficult to get rooms in bulk. “We’re looking at a new hotel this time around and we want around 80-100 rooms and preferably in a separate wing so there’s no chance of players or staff going in and out of the same passageway that’s being used. by guests staying at the hotel.” There is no doubt that creating the bubble will be a challenge as we will have more people coming to the UAE this time compared to last year. The logistics team will have to sit down with the hotel map and plan carefully because there are no second chances here,” the manager said.

‘IPL will wear out UAE pitches ahead of T20 World Cup’

The rest of the Indian Premier League taking place in the United Arab Emirates will hugely affect the pitches, which could wear out and help spinners ‘massively’ during the ICC T20 World Cup, South Africa head coach believes South, Maek Boucher.

IPL 2021, which was suspended following COVID-19 cases inside the bio-bubble, will be completed in the United Arab Emirates, which will also host the T20 World Cup after the ICC decided to move the flagship event to India due to the unprecedented health crisis.

(Image credits: BCCI)

(Story entry: ANI)

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