Solutions for work as tourism is about to explode

With the holiday season fast approaching and borders opening to sighs of relief, hotel reservations are increasing and with them the need for hotel staff.

Australia is currently experiencing a labor shortage due to a lack of students and migrant workers. This is especially noticeable in our hospitality industry, where many workers are reluctant to enter or re-enter after the uncertainty of closures.

We spoke with Chris Pascoe, Managing Director for Queensland and Northern Territory at ahs Hospitality, to understand how a workforce service provider in the hospitality industry has adapted to deal with the crisis in job.

Chris Pascoe, Managing Director

Q1. How has Ahs Hospitality adapted its services in response to inconsistent bottlenecks, border closures and a struggling labor market?

With an ever-changing landscape in the hospitality industry over the past 18 months, Ahs Hospitality has taken a proactive approach ensuring that we are ready to help our partners when the industry rebounds.

We did this by introducing the hiring of short-term labor as a solution to our often unpredictable market. He now helps many of our hotel clients respond to seasonality in bookings, peak service requirements for large groups, or unexpected high occupancy rates.

It is simple and easy for our clients to organize as we ensure a tailor-made solution for their hotel and we adapt to their specific service standards.

Q2. What are the pros and cons of this short term working solution?

Labor rental gives hotels the flexibility to meet unpredictable occupancy demands, ensuring rooms are ready for future guest arrivals.

Afro maid working in hotel doing room disinfection wearing face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Minimum shifts are as short as four hours and the ahs team is made up of industry professionals, providing quality, compliance and reliability to our hotel partners. While the price is higher for short-term services, the benefits are limited engagement and flexible modeling compared to fixed full-service models.

However, once the contract is signed, the partnership is built and on-going, so while awaiting any legal or industrial contract updates, the ahs team is there to help at any time whenever needed to bridge these peaks. sudden reservations. The hotel simply contacts their ahs representative to arrange assistance when needed. Have the ability to recover and suspend labor demands based on hotel demands and needs.

Q3. What is the process for bringing short-term workers into your hotel?

It is a very simple process for hotels to access this short term working solution.

Initial discussions take place with our business development team to ensure that we understand the client’s needs, then we create the necessary solution and generate a personalized quote.

Once the contract is signed, our engaged, trained and professional team will come to the hotel as requested to perform a security review and site inspection so that our team is ready to assist under the direction of the hotel.

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