Potential Sale of Hotel Property Pushes Mancino to Look to Move | Local


CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – The potential sale of a local hotel is underway and a local restaurant on the property intends to move if the deal goes through.

As News 18 previously reported, Compass Real Estate hopes to transform what was once America’s Best Value Inn on West Clairemont, now known as Campus View Inn & Suites, in an apartment complex.

The company plans to transform the 120-room hotel into an 87-unit apartment complex.

Meanwhile, the areas occupied by Mancino’s, O’Leary’s pub, the hotel lobby and pool would be demolished.

Mancino’s Grinders & Pizza has been renting space on the property for over 25 years.

Restaurant co-owner Samantha Biwer has admitted the sale isn’t final at this time, but if it goes through, they want to be prepared and want to stress that their restaurant isn’t closing for good.

“We can’t wait for this entity, this new building to be built to be here. It’s way too long. It could be maybe the end of next year. They say the earliest is fall. next. It’s just too long for us to wait to be in one place. We want to try to retain as many of our employees as possible, “said Biwer.

Mancino’s said a potential new location would likely be on Hastings Way and Brackett Avenue, but if the sale doesn’t go through, they plan to stay at their current location.

News 18 has also contacted the managers of O’Leary’s Pub and Campus View. They only wished to comment after the city council vote next Tuesday.

Monday evening, the Commission du Plan Eau Claire approved the site plan for the complex.

The rezoning piece will go to a public hearing before the city council on Monday July 26, and they will vote the next day Tuesday July 27.

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