Now hotel staff will have a day off, working up to 48 hours a week

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Hoteliers will now have to give their staff a day off each week, Labor Department officials said on Friday. The ministry issued a notice saying hotel and cafeteria workers will have the right to work no more than 48 hours a week and will have one day off each week, they said.

All restaurants, hotels, eateries and eateries in Madhya Pradesh will have to abide by the rule.

The order includes workers in all positions, including chefs, servers, maintenance staff, guards and cleaners.

Tejkulpal Singh Pali, Chairman of the Bhopal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and owner of a hotel in Bhopal, said: “There are several poor families who manage their households with income from local hotels and restaurants near the Nadra Bus Station, Bhopal Rail Junction, Rani Kamlapati Station and other areas of the Old City. They have no day off and are underpaid. Many hotels don’t even employ staff on a rotating basis. They have a named person for each task and even multiple tasks throughout the day.

The new regulations could bring some relief to these employees and also help them spend time with their families. If they only have to work eight hours a day at the hotel, they might find a part-time job that could earn them more money, he added.

A member of staff at a local restaurant in MP Nagar, Mohan Raj, said: “The rule seems liberating. But we always need money and if we can earn the same by working overtime, why not? It gave us the freedom to say no to forced overtime. I’m glad to have an understanding owner who helps me when I need it, so I think I can sacrifice a good night’s sleep for my job.

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