Newly launched Brand Chapter & Verse reveals its first hotel property in Wuzhen


Chapter & Verse is a rest for travelers before setting off on the next big trip; it is a refuge where your imagination and creativity are free, where local tales take place in a poetic setting. Chapter & Verse takes place quietly at the foot of picturesque Wuzhen, opening its own first chapter.

Designed by New Practice Studio, Chapter & Verse’s modern architecture concept is deeply rooted in the traditional South China spa town style – houses and markets built along the river, with stone balustrades and arched bridges connecting residential and village life. The flat, smooth facade facing the street is covered with a wooden barrier, creating an ambiguous connection between the interior and exterior spaces. This wooden barrier also provides a soft filter in daylight, creating a cozy micro-ambiance for the atrium. “We hope that such a distinctive space can awaken the senses of ritual for travelers, says the founder of New Practice Studio, Mr. Nianlai Zhong.

Inspired by traditional local architecture, each room is connected by a “bridge” passage to create a feeling of fluidity. Whether you stay in the Water View Room or the Garden View Room, the simplicity and modernity of the interior design instantly calms a restless spirit. At the same time, the simple yet elegant color tray provides a clean canvas for you to let your mind free and at ease.

Chapter & Verse has a total of 31 rooms and suites, in addition to 2 independent villas. One of the villas will also serve as a workshop, hosting various exhibitions and programs. The Chapter & Verse brand is not just a hotel, but a lifestyle. The hotel will contribute to a larger effort to revitalize the historic shores of the South China. The brand aims to make our daily life a verse that the individual will integrate into his creative chapter.

Notes to Editors:

About the Chapter & Verse brand:

Chapter & Verse Hotel is a designer boutique hotel operated by Tongxiang Baimadun Tourism Development Co., Ltd. We created Chapter & Verse to meet the expectations of the rising creative class and all independent travelers of China. We appreciate millennial travelers who are ready to discover new experiences in a popular place. Chapter & Verse, as a brand, aims to make everyday life a verse that people will integrate into the creative chapter of their life. And to create new hotel destinations through simple, inspiring design and storytelling and the concept of an extraordinary experience.


Chapter & Verse architecture and interior designed by new York based on New Practice Studio. The multidisciplinary design company NOSIGNER, based in Yokohama, created the brand of the hotel. E-DESIGN of Ossaka designed the landscaping of the hotel. Illumination of City Environment (ICE) designed the lighting for Chapter & Verse.

About Wuzhen Town:

Exceptionally rich in beauty, history and culture, Wuzhen Water Town is a typical ancient town of South China. It is approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) from both Hangzhou and Suzhou and 87 miles (140 kilometers) from Shanghai. As one of the six oldest cities in the southern Yangtze River region, Wuzhen has over six thousand years of history and has always been a fertile land with abundant rice, fish, and silk. It retains an old look well and projects the charm of the old spa town itself. The small town has houses made of black bricks and gray tiles that contrast sharply with their white walls and look like an Indian ink wash. Here and there we see stone bridges.

SOURCE Baimadun Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

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