Momentum in hotel bookings tops 60% globally as Europe wakes up

Global hotel booking momentum tops 60% as Europe wakes up


There’s now a lot going on in a month in the travel world, and since my last monthly review of the SiteMinder World Hotel Index, booking momentum has increased 6% month-over-month, to now above 60% of pre-pandemic levels. for the first time since March 2020. And while the markets I highlighted in the Pacific and the Americas remained largely stable, it was the long-awaited restart of booking activity in Europe that helped give a new impetus.

Enthusiastic vacationers have little hesitation in booking their summer stays in European hotels

Across the European continent, the relationship between reopening announcements and booking activity, as we saw last summer, is once again clear, with travelers looking to get their plans into action as soon as possible.

In Portugal, for example, which started accepting all EU and Schengen nationals, as well as thousands of UK travelers last Monday, we can see an initial surge in booking dynamics when the closures were eased locally on April 19, then again from early May. . Early May means Portugal’s state of emergency has been lifted, the country’s land border with Spain has been reopened and international travel plans have been discussed. The viability of international travel has certainly influenced the composition of local hotel guests. Since the beginning of the month, 58% of reservations in Portuguese hotels have come from foreign customers, compared to only 40% in April.

In the UK, where hotels and bed and breakfasts also opened last Monday, we saw that the April 5 Easter announcement of the easing of restrictions sparked a large-scale recovery in booking momentum. . And it has only continued, with booking volumes increasing by more than 35% month-on-month to 66% of 2019 levels.

In Spain too, we can see that the number of reservations accelerated more strongly when the state of alert ended on May 9.

Pent-up travel demand across Europe has ensured that hotel bookings are being made very close to the arrival date, with summer just days away. In France, for example, which is currently one of the European leaders in last-minute bookings, we see that around 60% of bookings made in the last two weeks are for stays in May or June, and less than 7% have summer for stays beyond the month of August.

Bookings remain largely strong in the Pacific and the Americas

In the Americas, the United States and Mexico continue to perform very well, at 84% and 101% of 2019 booking levels, respectively. Either way, we can see the positive impact that a steady and steady decline in COVID cases can have on traveler confidence.

In Australia, hotel bookings in Australia are again above pre-pandemic levels, led by bookings in Newcastle which are at 138% of their 2019 levels. Australia entered the Top last week 10 in the world by the World Travel & Tourism Council, in terms of contribution to the GDP of its local tourism and travel industry, and it seems likely that it will maintain this place in the Top 10 in the coming year.

Finally, I’ve long discussed the struggles of Pacific Island nations throughout the pandemic, so it’s nice to see the Cook Islanders receiving their first international visitors in over a year earlier this week, following the establishment of a two-way travel bubble with New Zealand. Huge demand saw booking momentum rise to 345% of 2019 levels in the Global Hotel Index on May 9, with local operators calling for more flights to be scheduled.

On that festive note, please continue to take care of yourselves, bon voyage to those who can, and congratulations to all of our customers who are freshly open again.

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