Malin Court hotel staff denounce after being ‘left in the dark’ due to job losses

Hotel workers slammed bosses after insisting they were left in the dark before being fired.

Staff at Malin Court in Maidens suffered the hammer blow when management revealed the hotel and restaurant would not reopen.

The site also serves as a care home, and chiefs insist the decision had to be made to protect residents.

But insiders are disappointed with the lack of communication and a source told the Ayrshire Post: “The future of the workforce is at stake in these difficult times. It’s shocking.

“A large national nursing home company bought them out and they’re not going to reopen the restaurant.

“Management has remained silent on this matter. The workers have been left behind and it is very unfair.

“They accuse Covid-19 but that has nothing to do with it.

“Many local people have supported Malin Court over the years and now they are not going to reopen the restaurant.

“The way they handled this is a shame. “

There are 18 hotel rooms at Malin Court and it is believed that around 30 staff members currently on leave could be made redundant.

The staff of the nursing and care homes will be maintained and the bosses have even posted an advertisement on Facebook for a new caregiver to join the team.

Last week, they confirmed on social media that Malin Court “will remain closed to the general public and will not function as a restaurant or accommodation for the foreseeable future”.

But General Manager Carina McLauchlan insists that management had no other choice: “The collateral damage from this terrible disease has unfortunately forced us to close our wonderful hotel to protect our residents.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, management and staff at Malin Court have gone to great lengths to protect our elderly residents.

“New residents who arrive are initially tested and quarantined from the rest of our community.

“It has done a lot to protect us from Covid-19 at the nursing home.

“We could not have allowed hotel guests to share a building where we continue to work in complete isolation to protect elderly and in some cases very fragile residents.

“This sad decision, which we made at the start of the pandemic, was taken with a heavy heart because we knew it would impact so many wedding plans and other family celebrations already booked.

“However, we feel justified by this course of action in continuing to ensure the safety and protection of the people of Malin Court Care Home.

“We have now had detailed discussions with the staff affected by the hotel closure and while we try to find alternate roles for some staff, others will obviously be affected by the closure. The people concerned have been fully and correctly consulted in a correct and fair manner. “

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