Malaga – Costa del Sol | Hotel management platform CloudBeds is looking for talent on the Costa del Sol

Victor Tofan / ÑITO SALAS

The company needs tourism professionals, engineers, consultants and salespeople. It currently has 631 employees in 34 countries and wants to expand in Spain

Pilar Martinez

CloudBeds, a hotel management platform, hopes to recruit new members for the company. It currently has 631 workers in 34 countries and wants to expand in Spain.

CloudBeds Head of Sales and Strategy for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Víctor Tofan, said, “The tools that CloudBeds provides to small and medium accommodations allow them to improve their revenue by having a powerful booking engine, greater visibility and expansion of the new traveler experience.

“The technology we provide to companies allows the professional, who has more time, to be a better host by solving administrative tasks more easily. This is not just a technological transformation but a human one,” he said.

Tourism professionals

Tofan added that the Costa del Sol is a good fishing ground for talented employees: “This destination offers a lot of talent. We are looking for profiles of all kinds, from tourism professionals such as planners or engineers. We are in the process of contracting to continue the expansion that has allowed this hotel management platform, founded in 2012 in San Diego after a trip made by a group of friends through Brazil to verify the lack of hotels to make direct bookings, landing in 2020 in Spain, with headquarters in Barcelona. CloudBeds currently provides technology support to 24,000 institutions in 154 countries.

In the search for professionals, Cloudbeds contacted the dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Malaga, Antonio Guevara, to establish alliances through the CloudBeds Horizon program. “The goal is to give hoteliers and independent hosts the technology they need to grow their business, stay competitive, and deliver a modern travel experience,” Tofan added.

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