Institute of Hotel Management in Hyderabad aims to break records by cooking 75 biryanis

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Hyderabadis have a robust appetite for all kinds of biryanis and the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) just proved how popular the dish is – with an attempt to secure biryani a place in the Limca Book of World Records.

IHM-Hyderabad, as part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations, prepared 75 types of biryanis from across the country on Wednesday. A variety of appetizing dishes biryanis – based on fish, seafood, chicken, mutton and vegetables, accompanied by aromatic spices – were prepared by staff and students and displayed.

IHM chose the number ’75’ to mark 75 years of Indian independence. Some of the biryanis served were Chicken Ankapur biryani, Potlum BiryaniJaipuri Chicken biryani, Bharwan Gosht-ki-Biryani, KhargoshwhobiryaniSaoji Chicken biryani, Bhatkal BiryaniVaankozhi Biryani, Malaysia tikka biryaniKolkata biryani and Nizam Subz Biryani.

As part of the event, which ends on April 7, the students will also present a flower arrangement, including 50,000 fresh flowers, placed on a 30-foot-tall bamboo structure. They plan to feature this as the biggest floral arrangement to earn a spot in the record books. The institute is open to visitors until April 7 to enjoy the potentially record-breaking biryani fare and floral installation.

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