Hotel staff wows music lovers

For the first time in the hotel industry, Royal Classic Resort (Pvt) Ltd Natharampotha, Kandy has started promoting and highlighting their hotel and some social issues by releasing music videos. The unique thing about this is that all of these music videos are composed and produced by hotel staff.

“All the characters in these music videos are also employed at the hotel,” said Royal Classic Resort General Manager R. Jeyapradhap, who was the mentor behind it all. “I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years in the UAE and similar “new dimension of marketing” techniques were used and I thought I would take inspiration from that and bring it into the hospitality business. Sri Lankan hospitality.”

He said they first released a music video highlighting the COVID-19 virus and how people should take precautions from it. “It was a three-minute video and it got around a million viewers from around the world.” In this “Corona Go Go” video, we warned the public about the dangers of C-19 and how people should be protected from it while enjoying life in a new normal. “Our motto in this song was ‘There is no vaccine so practice good hygiene. We also promoted the concept of staying positive and not being negative in these videos.’

“Our second music video was launched to promote the hotel’s new year celebrations and we used the tagline ‘Avurudu with Sudu’ with the main character played by one of our female chefs. This was launched at the following numerous requests we received from guests and viewers around the world asking for a second video.

He said the production cost was also minimal due to the involvement of the staff and it was also a good opportunity for them to show off their talents in another area.

He said they would then release a video clip about their wedding facilities and how guests can benefit from their packages.

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