Hotel staff reveal the guests they hate the most – are you one of them?

HOTEL staff have spilled the secrets of the guests they hate the most – with a long list of pet peeves.

If you grab food from the breakfast buffet for later, or try to sneak in the mini bar, you’re one of the bad guys.


Forget hotel buffet hoarding and robe theft — or you’re one of the ‘worst’ guests, hotel owners sayCredit: Alamy

Speaking to The Times, the owners of the hotel revealed some of the worst things people do while staying there.

A common thing guests do is steal items from the hotel, with some very brazenly denying this.

A hotel owner said: “My heart sinks when a guest complains that the signature doesn’t look like his on a very expensive bar tab.

“Of course not, you were so drunk you couldn’t hold a pen or remember your room number.”

Another added: “Guests who say, ‘Dresses/pillows/ornaments/pictures looked a lot like the ones we have at home.

“I thought my wife brought them with us. That’s why I put them in our suitcase.'”

Some said guests even ask for extra toilet paper despite there being some in the room so they can take it home – even in five-star hotels that cost hundreds of euros a night.

Other ill-mannered guests include those who steal batteries from TV remotes – “cheap, but very inconvenient for the next guest” – and take hangers from wardrobes.

Also don’t try to get food from the breakfast buffet as they said, that’s also one of the big annoyances.

They explained that the worst people are “guests who grab food for their lunch from the breakfast buffet and try to hide it under their sweaters as they leave the room.”

In 2019, hotel guests even allegedly stole mattresses from their rooms, some of them costing thousands of pounds each.

Greedy travelers have bragged about the outrageous items they steal from hotel rooms, with many swapping the fancy pillows for their own.

We’ve explained what you can and can’t steal from hotel rooms without getting in trouble.

Do not try to take anything from the rooms as the hotel staff will find out


Do not try to take anything from the rooms as the hotel staff will find outCredit: Alamy
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