Hotel staff freewheeling to work with Beryl

HOTEL staff working on the East and West Cliffs can commute to work on Beryl bicycles and scooters free of charge.

A partnership between Coastal BID and Beryl means that hotel managers will receive codes that staff can use.

The initiative is designed to help hotels recruit staff, which has been difficult since the start of the pandemic and is expected to become more difficult during the summer when tourism increases.

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Fiona McArthur of Coastal BID said: “Hospitality has been horribly affected by the pandemic and staff have left the industry.

“There is also a general shortage of candidates in the sector and we do not want companies to operate with skeleton staff.

“Tourism is vital to the local economy and when people visit we want to make sure they have the best possible time to keep them coming back.”

Beryl CEO Phil Ellis said, “We want to inspire more people to embrace sustainable travel options to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

“Partnership programs like this can hopefully inspire even more people to incorporate active travel into their daily routines.

“Besides being sustainable, cycling is also fun and a great way to exercise and stay healthy; so hopefully this inspires people to consider a job in tourism and helps a fantastic industry get back on its feet.

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