Hotel staff fired for refusing vaccination



Three staff at the Lae International Hotel (LIH) were sacked last week for refusing to get jabs, followed by more staff receiving resignation warnings.

Gasen Tep, a member of room service staff, said he and two other colleagues were coerced by LIH chief executive Jason Anderson into being vaccinated against COVID-19 without being fully informed.

“During my shift, I was called to the human resources office and the human resources manager, Isabelle Leka asked me to get the vaccine but I asked her to give me some time,” Tep said.

“However, the general manager picked me up and my colleagues and made us go to the office and get vaccinated.”

Tep said when they refused, Mr. Anderson handed them the termination form to complete and immediately leave the company premises.

“When we were called to fill out our termination form, the general manager even asked the security guards to watch over us as if we were troublemakers under police surveillance,” he said. “The general manager even printed our photos and pasted them on the walls of the main door of the LIH and asked the guards not to allow us to enter the premises. “

Tep reiterated that they are not troublemakers but hardworking LIH employees who have served and earned income for the company. They therefore believe that their democratic rights have been compromised by the “NO JAB NO JOB” policy.

“The Director General has taken away our democratic rights and the constitutional rights of this country.

“We, the staff of the LIH, demanded that the Director General (Jason Anderson), Isabelle Leka (Head of Human Resources) and the Executive Director (Maryanne Noris) leave the office because they are the ones who are forcing us to get vaccinated. . Tep said he had demanded his rights but had not received proper feedback from the bosses.

Mr Anderson was in attendance on a peaceful march by aggrieved employees last Friday when board chairman Sir Bob Sinclair addressed his staff outside the hotel. However, management denied that there was any dismissal activity going on at the company.

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