Hotel property on Lundy’s Lane to be converted into apartments

The former Days Inn on Lundy’s Lane is being converted into apartments for low to middle income people.

At its Tuesday evening meeting, Niagara Falls City Council approved a zoning bylaw amendment to permit the 122-unit project on the south side of Lundy’s Lane, across from Royal Manor Drive, off Queen Elizabeth Way.

The property consists of a five-story hotel, a two-story motel and a 200-seat restaurant. The restaurant building is kept for commercial purposes.

A large adjoining wooded area in the southwest part of the property has been rezoned as an environmental protection zone.

“We’re creating 122 rental units through this app – much-needed rental units,” said Rocky Vacca, an attorney representing plaintiff Anthony Luciano.

“The beauty of this app is that we’re not tearing down buildings to create rental housing. We’re not going to go through two years of planning and building. Basically we are repurposing an existing building and in a few months we will have accommodation for 122 people.

Vacca said he hopes similar projects will be proposed for Niagara Falls in the future.

“I think everyone agrees that we have an abundance of hotel rooms in the city, outside of the Fallsview area, but we have a shortage of these types of units, so hopefully others people will jump on the bandwagon. I can tell you that banks finance these types of projects much more easily than motels and hotels.

Andrew Bryce, a town planner, said the development will provide smaller studio apartments that will add to the diversity of housing types in Niagara Falls.

“The planning rationale report indicated that the units are intended to be affordable to low to moderate income households,” he said.

“The proposed development supports public transit, will help the city achieve its goal of intensification in the built-up area, and contribute to the creation of a complete community, while protecting natural heritage features.

Bryce said the current built form will remain the same, at a height of 17 meters, or five stories, while there will be 1.25 parking spaces per dwelling unit. Parking will also be provided for the restaurant.

“I think adapting the units to mini apartments is an affordable way to repurpose this hotel,” Coun said. Carolyn Ioannoni.

“I think they did a great job.”

Com. Lori Lococco agreed, describing it as a “great proposition”.

“We need more in the city. It reallocates buildings and brings more affordable housing to the city. »

Com. Chris Dabrowski suggested the city consider a repurposing strategy.

“Maybe that’s something we can look into later,” he said.

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