Google Brings Free Hotel Booking Links to Google Travel


Google allows travel agents to appear for free in hotel booking links at

If you are wondering when you can travel again, you are not the only one. Most people around the world have been totally or partially blocked, or other restrictions, and it hasn’t been great for the travel industry.

To add some optimism to the situation, Google wants to help travel agencies share information as easily as possible when the time comes. After noticing the value hotel booking links will have for businesses over the next few months, the search giant is now making the feature available for free.

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With this feature, hotels and travel agencies around the world will be able to appear in hotel booking links on for free – give to travelers “Full access to a wider range of hotel prices” and “a more complete set of options as they research their trip and ultimately decide where to book”.

Free booking links will allow hotels and travel agencies to reach more people organically and through their existing Hotel Ads campaigns. As Richard Holden, vice president of travel product management at Google, explains: “all types of partners, from individual hotels to online travel agents, benefit from free booking links through increased booking traffic and user engagement.

Any partners who are already working with the Hotel Prices API or Hotel Ads will have nothing to do to appear in the free booking links, and all hotels and travel agents can join using their Hotel Center account.

Google promises improvements in the coming months and tools that will allow hotels to add their rates and availability directly.

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