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The DD-EDGE white paper shows that between 2019 and 2021, the market share of “live on site” bookings for European hoteliers fell by more than 6%. Although the direct market share of the official website recovered slightly in 2021, it generally declined. Looking at the individual channels, Booking’s market share increased by 4.7% over the study period, while Hotelbeds’ market share increased by 1.2%.

The president of the European branch of the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) also said: “The pandemic has caused huge losses for the hotel industry in 2020-2021. The industry is resilient, but after such a difficult time, how best to market and capitalize on business recovery in 2022 and beyond will be a priority for the hospitality industry in the period ahead.

Earlier this month, the International Hotel Sales and Marketing Association Europe Day 2021 was successfully held in London, England. More than 300 international brand leaders, experts, academics, economists and other guests from the European hospitality industry gathered online to discuss how to actively prepare for the resumption of business in 2022 and after the epidemic has been discussed and shared. (Anoda as one of the seminar sponsors)

1. Anant Vithlani, Vice President of Nordic Choice Hotel Sales and Chairman of European Sales Advisory Board HSMAI, said: The hospitality industry in the post-pandemic era is expected to kick off in the third quarter of 2022, preparing for a rebound in the tourism. Summer 2022 will see a surge in hotel bookings, according to research and forecasts released by STR at the conference. Hotels located in high-end leisure destinations are expected to perform well, so it is an inevitable choice to seize the opportunity of the marketing curve and fully seize the opportunity of the tourism recovery.

2. More and more companies, regardless of size, are expected to see some people migrate to work from home during the outbreak, even after the outbreak, and face-to-face social media, office work, on-site client meetings, social gatherings, etc. will always be the mainstream And normality – a vaccine and the easing of restrictions will bring business back to life given the ever-changing way of working. At the same time, the epidemic has accelerated the development of digital meetings, but also affected business travel, but also brought new business opportunities. For example, some companies only use home offices and hotels as places for employee interaction and culture-building meetings.

3. Given the uncertainties of the current environment, Anoda’s hotel booking platform recognizes that customers need assurances from hotels on price elasticity, a trend that is expected to continue in 2025. Customers are still driven by price, but flexibility is the core issue. Hotel guests are increasingly engaged online and they expect simplicity and convenience when researching and booking. Hotel UX design is not only for the guest, but also for the hotel’s own team. Hotel sales and marketing teams need to recognize the importance of collecting data and feedback at different stages of the guest journey so they can deliver a personalized guest experience. What is truly constant is that customer loyalty continues to evolve in our ever-changing world of travel. Anoda is exploring new marketing options and capitalization methods.

Anoda is a hotel booking platform, mainly covering European markets such as France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, etc. At the same time, it has established business branches in Hong Kong, Busan and Sydney, more efficiently providing greater booking flexibility to their customers at participating partner hotels and hotels around the world.

In terms of online hotel reservations, 75% of Internet users in the United States will make hotel reservations via the Internet, but in developing countries and the Asia-Pacific region, this proportion is only 25% and the market has great development potential. With the onset of the global economic recession, major hotel groups are reducing their second controllable cost, “travel expenses”. The emergence of online booking methods will undoubtedly bring consumers and businesses the most affordable interests. The process of global economic integration has made the source of hotel customers more abundant and diverse, and has also faced hotels with an increasingly fierce competitive environment and rising customer expectations, forcing operators to constantly seek to expand sales opportunities, improve service quality, reduce management and improvement costs The new magic weapon of customer satisfaction to strengthen the hotel’s core competitiveness. In this environment, hotel reservation and order management has become an important tool for the global hotel industry to improve management and gain new competitive advantages.

Anoda combines the third-party intelligent cloud control host with the reservation platform through the two-tier management mode through MyEclipse6.5 + MySQL5.1 database. At present, the platform cooperates with hotel reservation platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia and Hostelworld, and connects global hotels and platform users through the basic system. intelligent data platform MyEclipse6.5 + MySQL5.1 to improve the transaction volume and popularity of hotel reservations on major platforms, to achieve the goal of global hotel advertising. It can be seen that through the integration of computer technology, hotel marketing management is systematized, which effectively reduces costs, improves management efficiency and reduces labor costs. Second, the hotel online reservation system works 7*24 hours continuously, customers can understand the hotel details timely and intuitively through the network, which is extremely convenient, and the hotel service is humanized. . In addition, the hotel has built an image through online booking on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has also extended its services to customers, increasing the added value of hotel services. In a word, a more convenient and user-friendly online hotel reservation not only provides consumers with the best service experience, but also promotes a good online hotel consumption market, so that each hotel has been better displayed and promoted. .

Anoda is a platform that connects real users with hotel bookings around the world. We help hotels promote their rooms and increase their brand awareness. Tourists or business travelers book rooms and hotels make money. Hotels share the platform, and the platform gives us commissions, which also promotes the internal cycle of the global economy of the hotel industry. The big data power of the Internet is changing everyone. As long as you are enterprising and responsible, you can quickly build a team of thousands. “We believe that people who work from home can also be converted into hotel guests. They can travel and work anywhere in the world. One thing is for sure, earning $100,000 a month is easy.

European hotel operators continue to operate in an environment where large hotels such as Booking and Expedia control the majority of hotel distribution in the region. To continue to diversify and offset the risk of being dependent on any one partner, hotel managers must continue to diversify their distribution mix options, whether consortia, GDS partners or OTAs from niche. For the booming hospitality industry in Europe, this flexible distribution strategy may be the best way forward.

Anoda welcomes all friends who like to book hotels online. We are optimistic for the future. After all, when competing for customers with competitors at the same time, the cost savings of digital customers pales in comparison to the effect of face-to-face invitations. This will lead the hospitality industry to flourish in the future. Let’s unite to create the future! To achieve true financial freedom, join Anoda now and let Anoda change the course of your life. Success does not come in the future, but from the moment you decide to do it…

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