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In the recent past, hotels have focused on acquiring more bookings while pocketing the highest profits. By 2023, more than 700 million people are expected to book their hotel rooms online. This is a great opportunity to use an online hotel reservation system that will create a commission-free reservation source. And, with the right marketing and sales strategies, it is possible to create a sustainable direct booking channel.

A common rule in the hospitality industry is “if it works, don’t change it”. However, the recent pandemic has removed all of the old rules. Hoteliers need to be more creative and drive innovative change to stand out and thrive.

Let’s look at the FAQs below and better understand the need and benefits of an online booking engine.

Why is an online reservation system important?
There were days when hotel reservations were made only by phone, email, or walk-in. But how often does this happen now?

According to the small hotelier, the mobile has become a traveler’s best friend with around 85% of activities booked through mobile devices. The main advantage of having an online booking engine is that it allows potential customers to book at any time. It also allows international customers to book with your hotel without worrying about office hours.

An online hotel reservation system that is always open to business gives you more chances to increase your occupancy rate and your income.

What are the ways to book online?


Online travel agencies are like market places for hotels. OTAs offer multiple booking options and act as an intermediary between travelers and hoteliers. To make things easy and transparent, OTAs take around 15-30% of each booking as a commission.

OTAs drive more direct bookings to hotel reservations, give more visibility on the web, and target the right travelers

Direct online reservations
Direct web reservations are when customers book reservations directly through your hotel’s web reservation engine or social media.

Conducting direct bookings has many advantages such as:

  • Develop customer relationships and brand loyalty
  • Provide superior service delivery with personalized experiences
  • Gather more data to execute effective marketing strategies
  • All at 0% commission

Online travel agencies or direct bookings: what’s better for your hotel?
Generating direct bookings is a challenge at first. Most small and medium-sized property managers rely on OTAs to generate maximum revenue. While both have their own advantages, hoteliers prefer to have direct bookings.

Here are some advantages that Web booking engines offer:

  • Your hotel reservation system is your online brochure. You can add your property details such as photographs, room descriptions, available amenities, etc. and customers can decide if they want to stay in your hotel.
  • While secure direct bookings may be lower than OTA bookings, you wouldn’t lose money on commissions.
  • Get a smoother booking experience with your hotel’s booking engine that also reflects your brand’s reputation online.
  • Your online hotel reservation system gives your customers the ability to book from anywhere and in any time zone.
  • Direct bookings through the hotel booking engine allow you to collect information about customers. This information can help hoteliers build strong relationships with their guests and deliver a more personalized stay experience.
  • Direct booking saves revenue shares. Generating bookings on your website or Facebook page would increase sustainable income.

With these benefits, keeping in mind the long term benefits, we can say that the benefits of direct bookings outweigh those of OTAs.

Get the Hotelogix Web 2.0 booking engine
In order to maximize bookings with ease, Hotelogix has implemented its online booking engine. With a sleek design and new features, this enhanced version lets you check room availability faster, make instant reservations, automate confirmation emails and more.

Display photos of your room –
The easiest way to get more people through your hotel doors is to provide visual cues. Allowing your guests to see the rooms they will be staying in allows them to imagine their experience before they even book. Hotelogix Web Booking Engine 2.0 allows you to create a slideshow with photos of the room and amenities. You can also add photos of the view (e.g. pool view) to let your guests know that you care about their preferences.

Add a slideshow of the hotel and its surroundings –
If you are looking for more guests, you will need to drive traffic to your website first. The best way to do this is to have a good marketing plan. A good place to start is to add relevant and detailed information about your hotel and familiarize your customers with your brand. It helps them make the buying decision. Providing authentic photos of your hotel and its surroundings helps you build trust. No one wants to see the same generic photos available on every hotel website. With Hotelogix Web Booking Engine 2.0 you can create a slideshow of multiple photos. This enhanced visual experience will not only attract more visitors to your site, but will also drive revenue growth through instant bookings.

Support for multiple currencies and multiple languages
With the new updated Web 2.0 booking engine from Hotelogix, you can increase direct bookings from all over the world. To augment this process, Hotelogix offers 24/7 support by an award-winning team to guide you through difficult situations with innovative and effective solutions. The online booking engine also supports the following languages ​​- English, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Russian, and Hindi – to make it more convenient for non-English speakers. Plus, your guests can pay in their own currency without any hassle. This makes the booking process effortless and improves the experience for your customers.

Customizable upselling packages

Another unmatched feature of the Hotelogix 2.0 web booking engine is the extensive customization capabilities it offers to your booking consoles. Manage the accounts of your guests, companies and travel agents with a single screen platform. The software is user-friendly and with an open API, it can be easily customized and integrated with the hotel’s website and Facebook page. Additionally, you can also use customer data to offer services that would benefit customers or bundle it together as a combo for upselling opportunities.

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