Flight Center poll reveals strong support for vaccine passports


A new poll released this week by Flight Center Travel Group (FCTG) found that more than 80% of those polled support a vaccination passport as a means of getting the country to travel again.

The pent-up demand for a return to face-to-face meetings prompted the FCTG survey, which drew 1,750 responses on LinkedIn channels from four of the company’s brands, including FCM, Corporate Traveler, Flight Center Business Travel and Internship and Filter.

Passports for vaccines can become the world’s ticket to travel.

Less than 10% of those questioned were against the idea of ​​introducing a vaccination passport. The poll builds on market research conducted by YouGov earlier this year, which polled business and leisure travelers in 17 countries and found a similar result, with 79% of Australians in favor. In this research, travelers to Indonesia (86) and India (85%) ranked first in favor of a vaccine passport for visitors to carry.

“Businesses large and small are the backbone of Australia’s economy and it is clear that overwhelmingly people want a form of business travel vaccination passport to really pick up,” said James Kavanagh, Director General of Flight Center Travel Group for Australia.

“We know that there is a huge pent-up demand for business travel and that the desire to have face-to-face meetings is increasing day by day. Virtual meetings always have their place and serve a purpose, but nothing beats this human interaction at the corporate level and on a daily basis.

Before we can get vaccination passports, we all need to get vaccinated.

“Travel is essential for businesses of all sizes looking to gain and retain new business, and for retaining their staff. What they want most is to be sure they are traveling if their staff have done the right thing by getting the vaccine. “

Kavanagh said the results showed support was higher for a vaccine passport to allow international travel, with little or no support for its use on domestic travel.

“You just have to look at other countries around the world to see how business travel volumes come back when you are vaccinated or have some form of vaccination passport,” he added.

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