Dr Jerry Schwartz calls for all hotel staff to be vaccinated


Australia’s largest private hotel owner, Dr Jerry Schwartz, has appealed to all operators of his hotels to demand a full vaccination for all staff in contact with guests to ensure that all parties are fully protected against COVID-19.

While some of his hotels are currently operating as quarantine facilities and require all staff to be double vaccinated under a government health ordinance, Dr Schwartz has written to his other operating companies asking that all employees be fully vaccinated by the end of November 2021. Dr Schwartz introduced a requirement for all Paradise Resort Gold Coast employees to be fully vaccinated, making it the first non-quarantine hotel in Australia to do so.

Dr Schwartz said with so many unvaccinated children staying at the resort, it was essential that staff were fully protected.

Paradise Resort Gold Coast responded positively to Dr Schwartz’s request.

“As a doctor and hotel owner, I think any face-to-face business, especially if it involves children, should have a fully immunized staff,” said Dr. Schwartz.

“The hospitality industry has been devastated by COVID and government policies, so it is critical that we equip ourselves with the tools to revive once the country hits 80% immunization and travel returns to relative normalcy. .

“However, we know that children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated, and therefore to ensure the well-being of our customers and staff, we must insist on compulsory vaccination, with priority being for all staff. who interacts with guests and then all staff working throughout the hotel.

Dr Jerry Schwartz is opening a new water park at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley with his wife Debbie and their children Dane, Amber and Lara.

Dr Schwartz said the hospitality industry as a whole should follow the lead of Qantas and Virgin Australia in requiring compulsory vaccination for all customer-facing staff due to the fact that it is a people-oriented company with a duty of care to eliminate risk to customers and provide a safe working environment.

“This is a case of staff being vaccinated or the hospitality industry could perish,” said Dr Schwartz.

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