Create a WOW customer experience

As a hotel, resort or lodging establishment, you are always trying to find ways to improve the experience of every guest. When they enjoy their time with you, they tell others and come back.

To stand out, you need to offer customers a more complete experience full of engagement, convenience and impeccable service.

But how? Just look at what everyone is carrying: their phones.

If you could bring practical and entertaining information directly to their screens, they would love you from booking to check-in, check-out and beyond.

So how do you match your property and their phones? The ultimate partner: Orana Stay.

What is Orana Stay?

Orana Stay is your digital onboarding guide and guest information resource in the form of an app.

Your Orana Stay app can contain practical information about everything your guests need, including facilities, hours, menus, attractions, maps and events, as well as COVID safety information. It gives your guests all the answers they need to have the fantastic experience they deserve.

Why Orana Stay?

Your guests are likely to choose you again if they have an amazing experience.

Orana Stay is specifically designed for hospitality businesses like yours, so you can deliver more value to your customers that they’ll truly appreciate. You can promote local areas to visit, restaurants to try, activities to do, and local shops to check out. Plus, all of your hotel’s latest schedules, guidelines, and reminders are at their fingertips during their stay. It also updates in real time, so they’ll always have the latest events, menus, and information.

Do you want to improve the experience of your customers?

Orana stay lets you personalize their experience, easily.

Our team will help you adapt the platform to your brand so that you and your guests can enjoy the benefits of Orana Stay.


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