Career options after hotel management

The hospitality sectors, particularly hotel management and tourism, have been hardest hit by the pandemic. This struggling sector is poised to gain momentum once normalcy returns. This will open the floodgates of earning opportunities for hotel management students.

It is a misconception among the wider masses that hotel management courses are only relevant for people wishing to work in a hotel, some sectors blue collar jobs or chefs at most. This course is a tailor-made catering for those who understand the niche of the Indian essence of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means ‘guest is god’.

Entertainment and leisure industry

A swamp of hospitality management graduates lands in hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs or even theme parks. However, these circuits mainly recruit trained personnel for kitchen staff and supervisory positions. The majority of jobs at these locations do not require any formal training in the broadest sense. The only risk here is being underpaid if you don’t work with top notch names.


Let us briefly understand the scope, purpose and requirements of this course. India hosts a wide range of services and hospitality is needed in all sectors of medicine, tourism, events, business and many more. Nurturing inner modesty, hotel management teaches the practical skills and confidence needed to grow in life.

Also, this course allows students to work abroad, which are major holiday or business destinations such as Europe, USA, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia are just some prominent names. Without further ado, let’s dive into the avenues that open up to you when you hone your skills with a seasoned knowledge of hotel management:

Event planners

Events such as weddings, housewarmings, birthdays are not an old generation thing. They’ve taken it up a notch with engagement and relationship anniversaries, milestone celebrations, baby showers and more. In addition to these social gatherings, you can also test the waters at the corporate level. All will require your sharp planning, creative, hospitality and management skills.

Defense sector

The Naval and Land Wings of the Indian Defense Force might have an offer for you. No, you don’t have frontier combat skills, your hotel management knowledge is enough. Just feed the guardians of our borders by following their feeding grids. Oh, don’t forget, you’ll have to adhere to strict discipline and limited resources.

Airline/Cruise Ship Kitchens

Airlines are welcoming many hospitality graduates and cruise lines are following suit. These jobs are not just limited to kitchens, as you have to provide comprehensive services to customers. With the rising trend of luxury leisure, cruising and casinos are the new emerging themes. Of course, the salary is quite high if you work internationally. Traveling across the country or the world is a plus.

Coworking agency manager

With the emergence of the culture of remote work and shared spaces, the demand for hospitality experts and managers is expected to increase at a blistering pace. If you have the desired skills, the field is open to you because few professionals stick to the fold. It is a new space that emerges and expands to the rhythm of time.

Before signing, the sea has a decent depth with sound advertisements. You can earn a significant income if you channel the right efforts in the right direction with realistic goals. Good luck. I hope any of you reading this will host me one day.

(The author is MD, Avanta India)


Why sneak in for a job when you can own your business. Cafes, especially themed ones, are the new fad among millennials. From Harry Potter to Cricket, your wildest imagination can pave the way to success. A gourmet restaurant is also perfect for family outings, and you can accommodate several.

However, if you’re worried about capital indulgence in coffee and restaurants, you can train the next generation of hotel management buddies. Share your practical experiences to hone their skills and support future workers in the sector.

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