Autonomous service robot Savioke helps hotel staff and reduces COVID anxiety in Silicon Valley

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. — Silicon Valley hotels are dealing with staffing shortages and COVID-related anxiety with adorable service robots.

Guests at the Radisson Hotel in Sunnyvale, California can now receive room deliveries from these self-contained machines in five minutes flat.

In the past, someone from reception or sometimes even the general manager could intervene. Now this robot, designed by Savioke at Campbell, will take care of the job.

The robot only needs to be trained once to navigate the lobby and hallways. It has even been adapted to call an elevator. Once inside, he can press the destination floor.

Once the robot arrives in the room to ask for something, it calls the guest to announce its arrival, delivers the items, and leaves with a nice farewell message.

It is this playful characteristic that makes the robot almost human.

“There are customers who like the fact that they can have items delivered to them and not have that contact with a human being,” Radisson Sunnyvale general manager Alex Martinez said. “It’s more about an enhanced experience than replacing someone.”

The robots reduce COVID-related anxiety and are available 24/7 to assist guests and hotel staff. Moreover, they are friendly, so do not hesitate to interact during your next stay!

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