Associations cautiously welcome reopening of Australia’s internal borders

Australia’s leading accommodation associations have welcomed the gradual reopening of the country’s borders, but have warned the current skills shortage will continue to impact operators.

Accommodation Association CEO Richard Munro said while the news was good, Queensland opened this week and Western Australia plans to do so from February 2, 2022, with access to the main -work would be a major challenge.

As vacancies in the hospitality industry are expected to exceed 100,000 and travel continues to normalize, Munro warned that the skills shortage in one of Australia’s key economic sectors will continue to complicate the journey. life of hotels, motels and other accommodation providers in the country.

“With travel already resuming in Queensland and with Western Australia’s announcement of easing border controls from 12:01 am on Saturday 5 February 2022, the Australian accommodation industry and all of the businesses that Relying on our members can look forward to more “role models,” he said.

CEO of the Accommodation Association, Richard Munro

“We understand that each state and territory government has its own frameworks for a safe recovery and, ideally, we would prefer to see consistency in policies across the country, but we are also grateful to move closer and closer. more than one Australia with uniform requirements.

“It is important to understand, however, that regardless of the approach to state and territory borders, there is a common central challenge for our sector and it is the massive skills and labor shortage that has an impact on our industry and will do so for some time.

“The hosting association is proud to have put together a series of innovative platforms and partnerships as we seek to resolve this issue, but it will take time.

“Until then, we ask all those who support hotels, motels and the food and entertainment venues within them to be respectful and support our teams who are doing their best under very difficult circumstances,” Munro said.

WA makes vaccination compulsory
CEO of AHA WA, Bradley Woods

Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO Bradley Woods welcomed the announcement of WA’s borders to reopen on February 5, 2022, which he said would bring certainty to hotel accommodation and to hospitality businesses across the state as they plan for a recovery and return to normalcy in the year ahead.

“WA has been remarkably successful in containing the spread of COVID-19 and our hotels, bars, pubs, taverns and restaurants have played a vital role in this success, but they have also been significantly disrupted,” he said.

“When the WA border reopens on February 5, we will do so with high levels of immunization, eliminating the need for stringent measures that disproportionately impact the hospitality industry, such as capacity restrictions and widespread demands on hospitality. wearing a mask.

“Hospitality businesses and the commercial events industry across the state can now make plans for returning visitors and tourists. Guest and traveler bookings can be made with confidence and the coming year can be approached with a much higher degree of certainty, which is important for the coming recovery period.

WA makes vaccination compulsory

“There are reasonable obligations for interstate and international travelers regarding their immunization status, which will allow business and leisure visits to restart and provide much-needed support to accommodation hotels that have been severely disrupted by the pandemic.

“The reopening of the border will help alleviate severe labor shortages in the hospitality industry, while the meeting, conference and events market will welcome the fact that they can plan for the future with a high degree of confidence.

“We warmly welcome the fact that reopening the WA border has not meant reintroducing restrictions that disproportionately impact the hospitality industry – this approach will help support tens of thousands of jobs.

“Hotels and hospitality areas in WA are well prepared for the inevitable arrival of COVID-19 in the community – the sites have taken their responsibility to the community seriously over the past two years and this vigilance will only help. ‘increase when the virus arrives,’ said Woods. .

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