Art and rebellion: Ace Hotel prepares its debut Down Under

The US-based Ace Hotel Group will soon be launching its first-ever hotel in the Southern Hemisphere with the opening of Ace Hotel Sydney this fall.

The 264-room boutique hotel, located in the historic Tyne House brickworks in Surry Hills, is now accepting bookings for stays from May 1, 2022.

Addressed exclusively to SMAce Hotel Group CEO Brad Wilson said each Ace Hotel is designed to serve as a welcoming public space for both the traveler and members of the local community.

“The ground floor of Ace Sydney promises to be a model of this – with a beautiful bar and public hall, an alley cafe and ample space to work – whether traveling on business or just looking to get away from your home for a while,” Wilson said.

“We love to open our doors to the public and celebrate creators, innovators and artists in the cities we call home – and we will do the same in Sydney, with exciting programming partners who will shine a light on some of the most inspired. in Australia. We look forward to sharing many more as we open our doors in the coming months. »

Community first approach

The dining offering on the ground floor of the hotel presents a variety of dining opportunities for hotel residents, including at the restaurant, cafe and all-day communal lobby bar, with a drink menu curated by local drink expert Mike Bennie.

“The ground floor also offers free Wi-Fi, and it’s common in Ace hotels around the world to see people studying or working on laptops in the lobby while enjoying drinks and bites” , Wilson said.

“In addition, the lobby will offer all kinds of musical, artistic and cultural programs open to everyone, not just hotel guests.”

The property also has a rooftop bar and restaurant. Respected chef Mitch Orr leads the 18and restaurant on the ground floor Four, which offers cuisine over a wood fire.

“Our F&B program is always created by the community first, looking at what the area needs and likes,” Wilson said.

“There will be a huge emphasis on working with growers and local people in all of our F&B spaces.”

Rich history

The Surry Hills location at 47 Wentworth Avenue was a carefully considered choice, with the hotel company keen to invite local culture, commerce, art and community through its doors.

“Surry Hills has been a passion for us for a long time,” Wilson said. SM.

“It’s been a center of art and rebellion for many decades, and that spirit is very much in line with Ace’s ethos. The area also feels much more in tune with everyday life than the port locations normally chosen by hotels – you’re still close to all the city’s landmarks, but with a relaxed neighborhood feel.

Ace Sydney was designed in partnership with Flack Studio and inspired by the warm colors of the Australian landscape and the rich history of the region, from the underground liquor trade of the 1920s and 1930s, the modernist art of the 1960s, to at the Gay 1970s Solidarity Group Demonstrations.

“Surry Hills has been home to so many culturally significant movements and people and has always been a home for creatives and migrating cultures,” said Flack Studio Founder and Director David Flack.

The guest bedroom furniture, millwork and lighting were all custom designed by Flack Studio, and organic materials are at the forefront of the design – from the acoustic textured straw walls to the wooden staircase. ocher red concrete.

“We wanted to preserve the creative, slightly renegade energy of the space from its origins as one of Australia’s first brickyards. We were committed to creating a warm space that brought together Australia’s cultural history with Ace’s unique, community-based approach to hospitality,” added Flack.

Wilson said Ace had “always felt a strong affinity with Australia”.

“[Australia’s] fearless optimism and renegade spirit echo Ace’s roots on America’s Pacific Coast,” he said.

“We love the country’s distinctive brand of modernism, particularly in the use of local organic materials…David’s eye for color and space is completely singular – a dream collaborator for our first hotel in Australia .”

The Seattle-born hotel group now has locations in Seattle, Portland, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Chicago, Kyoto and Brooklyn. Ace Hotel Toronto is also set to open early this year.

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