Alight launches sustainable hotel booking platform to reduce carbon emissions

New York, NY – Wayaj, a tech startup providing eco-friendly travel solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of, the only sustainable booking platform that allows travelers to book their hotel while calculating and offsetting instantly the carbon footprint of their trip. Now that travelers can resume flying, Alight provides the resources, tools and expertise to empower travelers to make more informed choices for sustainable travel. Using a revolutionary Carbon Footprint Engine (CFC Engine) and a proprietary Hotel Sustainability Rating (HSR) tool, Alight aims to inspire ethical travel and supporting travelers on their journey to sustainability.

2019 BC (Before Covid) saw record amounts of airborne carbon emissions from passenger flights. Meanwhile, experts predict that international travel demand resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic will exceed previous years. Alight now enables leisure and business travelers to easily book from a collection of over 88 eco-friendly hotels in over 50 countries, calculate the carbon emissions of their trip and offset them against compared to verified Carbon Offset Projects (COPs) available worldwide.

Source: Wayaj, Inc.Source: Wayaj, Inc.
Source: Wayaj, Inc.

Nelly Gedeon, serial entrepreneur and founder of Alight Stocks, “The world is on the front line of vulnerability due to climate change. Last year, as travel resumed its focus on sustainable travel, it took precedence over the pandemic, but as travel returns, Alight can bring conscious travelers back using our proprietary calculation engine carbon footprint (CFC EngineTM) to offset their journey and protect the planet.”

At launch, travelers will have a choice of eight international carbon offset projects (COPs), which have been secured through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). These projects include the reforestation of degraded lands and the development of renewable wind energy.

More than a hotel booking platform, Alight aims to be the go-to vehicle for positive impact travel, helping globetrotters make more conscious and sustainable choices, from reducing carbon emissions to promoting sustainability. environmentally friendly accommodation. The platform’s collection of properties are rated and vetted using its proprietary Hotel Sustainability Rating (HSR) system, which scores them in seven categories including community relations, use water, energy and waste, building materials and resources, as well as indoor environmental quality and business management.

Logan Cohen, Chief Sustainability Officer of Alight Shares, “The United States books more than a billion hotel rooms each year. Based on our data of an average overnight stay of approximately 0.0236 tons of carbon emissions, this totals approximately 23.5 million tons of carbon from hotels in the United States alone. Offsetting just 1% of those emissions with Alight would almost turn all of New York City into forest land. »

Source: Wayaj, Inc.Source: Wayaj, Inc.
Source: Wayaj, Inc.

About Ignite

Alight offers conscious travelers a unique booking platform for sustainable hotels and carbon offset capabilities. Providing expert information and inspiration for the desire to ethical travel, Alight offers properties with ecological and socially conscious ethics and offers programs to contribute to that will make a lasting difference in the future. Alight aims to inspire ethical travel around the world and knows that small acts can create big changes for those who are committed to protecting the planet. To join sustainable travel, visit

About Wayaj

Wayaj is a global leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to the hospitality industry to reduce its impact on the environment and foster sustainable communities. With over 470 member hotels in 109 countries, Wayaj provides the resources, tools and expertise to enable the accommodation industry and travelers to make more informed choices to support sustainability. As the creators of the groundbreaking Carbon Footprint Engine (CFC Engine) and proprietary hotel sustainability rating tool, they are pleased to announce the planned launch of Alight, a new website dynamic reservation in April 2022.

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