A business traveler sweetens the melon with the hotel booking tool

Travel management company Corporate Traveler has implemented a new hotel booking tool within its Melon booking and travel management platform in the United States and Canada, the company announced.

The tool is built from Corporate Traveler’s parent company Flight Center Travel Group’s partnership with aggregation technology specialist HotelHub, which aggregates hotel content across multiple global distribution systems as well as non-GDS channels in a single desktop interface, standardizing rates and room types across all channels to avoid duplication. Corporate Traveler said all of its sources of hotel content in the United States and Canada, as well as all rates negotiated by its customers, have been integrated into Melon through HotelHub. Melon has also rolled out HotelHub’s API, so customers can connect content to their own preferred booking tool.

Corporate Traveler has enabled chargeback payment methods in the hotel booking platform, allowing the use of payment options such as virtual cards, according to the TMC.

“Feedback from Corporate Traveler consultants using the technology has been overwhelmingly positive, and they have been impressed with the ease of navigation, speed of bookings and integration of virtual payments into the solution,” said Eric Meierhans, chief commercial officer of ‘HotelHub, in a statement. “They’re also excited about features like ‘book now’, maps showing hotels and rates, choice of search criteria and standardization of booking records.”

Corporate Traveler, the division of Flight Center specializing in small and medium-sized customers, is currently working on the implementation of the hotel booking tool and API connection in the UK, which should be done in the next months. South Africa will follow in the fourth quarter of this year.

Corporate Traveler launched the Melon platform just under a year ago.

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