5 signs it’s time to change your hotel property management system

Your Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is the beating heart of your hotel – responsible for streamlining operations, optimizing customer service, and maximizing revenue. However, like most technologies, it has a limited lifespan. As technology evolves, so will the unique needs and goals of your property (and your guests); resulting in the inevitable need to re-evaluate your current PMS. Even a once priceless PMS can eventually outlive its adequacy; At this point, replacing your PMS may be a more efficient decision than reworking it. Unfortunately, hoteliers often delay replacing this essential technology at the expense of their productivity and profits.

Sticking to an outdated solution only depletes resources and wastes opportunities while making a change to your PMS hotel can reinvigorate your brand, increase revenue, and build loyalty. Here are five signs it’s time to change your PMS to ensure that it stays and / or becomes a worthwhile investment.

1. Your current SPM shows its age

A common complaint about a PMS is the failure to integrate or fully implement new essential communication features and tools. Systems have come a long way since their inception. The guest engagement feature and mobility, for example, have become increasingly popular in modern systems, but legacy solutions often don’t offer it. Look for a cloud-based system whose data is accessible to each department in real time. If your current PMS does not have the the mobile, self-service, automation or SMS functionality you need, then it’s time to buy a system that has features that match your current needs.

2. Your employees are always frustrated

The true value of your PMS is fundamentally defined by the people who use it on a daily basis. If your employees are expressing their frustration that the system is too complicated and requires extensive integration or is unstable, slow, and buggy with poor support offered by the vendor, it may be time to look for a new vendor whose availability and availability. user experience is highly valued.

3. You need integration with more third party applications

In theory, any software platform can integrate with another. However, if your edge systems do not communicate in real time with your PMS and data from third-party solutions must be entered manually, you deplete resources, productivity and risk of errors. Existing systems require expensive and time-consuming interface development that can take months (or more) and require constant updating whenever you add a new application or change features. To maximize your scalability and sustain your operations, look for an open source cloud-based PMS with configurable modules like StayNTouch Rover PMS.

4. Supplier support and maintenance cost you dearly

You know it’s time for a change when your PMS, when service and support is costing you time, money and productivity. On-premise systems involve constant upgrades which can be expensive, and many vendors charge high monthly fees for support, performance upgrades, and customization of their software. If you are investing in your own hardware, you need to put up capital. This is not the case with the cloud. A cloud-based PMS is designed for high performance, data backups, reliability, security, and turnkey monthly pricing that includes customer support, upgrades, monitoring, hosting and more . The cloud is also more energy efficient than existing infrastructure.

5. You want a better return on investment

Your PMS should not only save you time and money, but also generate income for your business. From automated upselling and marketing to revenue management and analytics, you need a system that delivers high ROI. If your system doesn’t offer marketing automation, an integrated booking engine, guest history / stay data, and simple dashboards with KPIs to better understand customers, you’re wasting costs reduced through better staff productivity and higher income through better sales and more satisfied, loyal customers.

Replacing your PMS may seem like a long, drawn-out endeavor, but, if you encounter one or more of these obstacles, the decision to delay the change may cost you more than the investment required to perform a strategic update. If your property management system is holding you back and hindering opportunities for innovation, take a fresh look at what a more modern PMS from StayNTouch can accomplish.

About Staynttouch

Staynttouch provides a comprehensive cloud and mobile hotel property management (PMS) system and over 1,100 integrations, enabling hotels to increase service levels, generate revenue, reduce costs and ultimately engage their guests. Backed by a team of professionals with deep roots in the hospitality industry, Staynttouch is a trusted partner for many avant-garde hotels and resorts, including TWA Hotel, First Hotels, Conscious Hotels, Margaritaville, Valencia Hotel Group and Modus Hotels. Staynttouch is also a Preferred PMS Partner of some of the largest independent hotel collections in the world including; Design Hotels, an independent Marriott brand and Curator Hotel & Resort Collection.

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